Superb service in Mauritius

Hands down the best car rental agency I’ve ever used (and I’ve used all the big ones). Sure the car was old and worn, but through the years it’s become clear to me the most important part is the service and that’s where these guys impress. They delivered my car on the other side of the island at no additional cost 👍 – and during a class 3 hurricane warning no less! 😳 And they would have picked it up there too if I hadn’t decided to take it to the airport myself. Later I called them to let them know the car was making a strange noise – they came right over across the island again to check it out, assured me they would come and help me anywhere if it would break down and that I wouldn’t be held responsible in any way. 👍 I inquired about keeping the car for the remainder of my stay and take it to the airport (via email) – no problem, got a payment link in the response with a fair price. 👍 I got the car with an almost empty tank (only complaint), and since the policy was to return it with the same level I accidentally returned it with the low fuel indicator on (oops, wasn’t that low when I got it), they didn’t give me a hard time or charged extra – the guy just made a troubled face, said it was really on the low side and wished me a safe trip home. 👍

Wictor Olseryd